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Sanity's Play n Stay

Sanity's Play n Stay, Where the Dogs have it THEIR way!

Pack Play!

Pack Play Overview

Once your pup has officially become one of our pack members, and has completed their interview, our number one priority is setting all new pack members up for success!

The interview process is the most important. Each pup has it's own personality, temperament, play style, dislikes, and little quirks that make them THEM. Our job is to observe and take careful note of all of these little details. All of these things will help us determine what play group your pup goes into, and will be discovered during their interview. Each of our pack leaders is trained to understand the way dogs communicate with eachother, and read the situations properly. Maintaining to safest environment for your pup.

During a regualar daycare day, we provide a kennel free play day for all of our regular pack members. A regular pack member is a member of the pack who has sucessfully gone through their interview and gets along with the general population, in a low and/or high energy group. Our facility is equipt with two indoor pack play areas and a backyard. These pack play areas are where your pup is seperated by energy level, and are rotated between indoor and ourdoor areas throughout their day.

For all new puppy pack members, we highly recommend that they are brought to daycare with a lunch and/or snack. As these new pack members are still growing strong and tall, they need all the nutrition they can get, and daycare can be exhausting. Ontop of having a lunch supplied, we provide many naps to our puppy pack members. All new members must be at least one week out from their very last round of vaccinations. These Vaccinations include Rabies, Bordetella, and Distempered Parvo. 

Maybe your pup isn't spayed or neutered yet, that's okay! We understand that the vets have recently started to delay that process, and we have ammended our rules. For un-altered males, up to a year and a half, we will help you keep them socialized and deter them from developing bad habits. Un- altered females are allowed in daycare up to the same age, unless they are currently in heat. Female dogs in heat will not be permitted in group, but are still allowed to come to Sanity's. They will be taken on walks, and will be supplied with one on one play time, with all the TLC they can stand!

Now, what if you have a senior pup, you may be asking yourself if daycare is a good idea. For each new senior pack member, we try to find the most comfortable place at Sanity's for them. Those areas may include the desk, in the backyard sunbathing, or in our low energy pack play group. Where ever they are we make sure they are comfortable and that you are too! PRICES!!!

Dog Aggressive Dogs

Dog aggressive dog owners can have a hard time or be unsure of where to take their dog while they are away on vacation or just at work. To be clear, ANYONE can be a pack member at Sanity's. Dog aggressive dogs have a very unique day at our facility, and are labeled as RED FLAG dogs. Unfortunately, any dog deemed as a red flagged dog, cannot participate in regular daycare. That doesn't exclude them from all the fun though. Our red flags, get lots of one on one attention, TLC, 1-2 walks during a half day, and 3-4 walks during a full day. 

Let it be known to all other pack memeber parents, that our red flagged pack members are not in group and will not cross paths with our regular daycare pack members.

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