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Sanity's Play n Stay

Sanity's Play n Stay, Where the Dogs have it THEIR way!


Overnight Rundown

During a boarding stay at Sanity's, pack members get to be included in all the fun, because pack play is included! Other things included are feedings of the parents instruction, one on one play time, cuddle time after dinner, and walks.
We also can include meals if you do not have your own food. Our house pack food, is Kirkland Natures Domain Salmon and Sweet Potato (Grain Free). To add meals onto your stay, it is 5 dollars per meal. As convinient as this can be, we like our parents to bring their own food, we don't want to mess with anyones tummies. 
During any boarding stay, depending on the pack member, it can cause stress. Stress sometimes leads to a loss of appetite, thats why feedings are one of Sanity's number one priorities. Please let us know if there is anything we can add to your dogs food to make it more enticing. This can be many things like hot water, wet food, plain yogurt, pumpkin, or anything else you would usually add.
When bringing your own food for an overnight stay, we like the food to be in an air tight container, or in a ziplack bag. Please label the food brand name, flavor, and if its breed or age specific. We do this, just in case another pack member sniffs out a tasty treat that is not theirs, we know exactly what they consumed. Allowing us to keep all parents informed on all the details of their pack members day!
Our boarders get an extra ammount of naps. It can become tiring being apart of pack play all day, and we don't want to give anyone any reason to be grumpy.
Our boarding requirments for age and vaccinations are the same as they are for Pack Play. They need to be up to date on their Rabies, Bordetella, and Distempered Parvo, and puppies must be at least one week out from their last round of vaccinations.